Introduction to SQL

Introduction to SQL


About this course

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Saturday July 13th 2019 9am – 3:30pm Instructor-Led  $700

SQL for Beginners Training Course

You can use SQL to retrieve information from your corporate database (providing, of course, that you understand its structure).

This two-day introductory course will show you how to create tables in SQL Server, and then how to write SQL to extract information from them.

You’ll learn about the WHERE clause (for setting criteria); the ORDER BY clause; how to aggregate data using GROUP BY; and how to create inner, outer and full joins!

Delivery Option: Attend face-to-face in the classroom. Maximum of 6 students allowed.

Course Contents:

Using SQL Server
• Using Object Explorer
• Hiding system objects
Creating databases - overview
• Designing databases
• Primary keys
• Indexing fields
Working with tables
• Creating tables
• Allowing nulls or not
• Identity fields
Database diagrams
• Creating database diagrams
• Joining tables with relationships
Simple Queries
• Creating queries
• Comments
• Indentation and case
Setting criteria using WHERE
• Wildcards (% and _)
• Setting criteria for dates
• Coping with nulls
Outputting to Excel
• Results, text and grid options
• Copying and pasting column headings
• Exporting using SQL
Exporting using the menu
• Calculated columns
• Using aliases
• String functions and concatenation
Calculations using dates
• GetDate
• Converting dates
• Useful date functions
Basic joins
• Inner joins
• Table aliases
• Left and right outer joins
More exotic joins
• Cross joins
• Full outer joins
• Self joins
Aggregation and grouping
• Various ways to count
• Grouping by fields
• Using HAVING to filter results
• The view designer
• Limitations of the designer
• Scripting views
• The concept of a subquery
• Using ALL, ANY and IN
• Using EXISTS
• Correlated subqueries
Derived tables and CTEs
• Using derived tables
• Common Table Expressions (CTEs)
• Multiple CTEs in a single query